SRTS Priority Corridors

Walking and Biking Maps

Find out the safest route for your child to walk or bike to school by clicking on the school and viewing the walking and biking maps!

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Arlington Elementary
Beverly Elementary
Birmingham Elementary
Burroughs Elementary
Brynedale Elementary
Chase STEM Academy
DeVeaux Elementary
East Broadway Elementary
Edgewater Elementary
Elmhurst Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Glendale-Feilbach Elementary
Glenwood Elementary
Harvard Elementary
Hawkins Elementary
Keyser Elementary
Larchmont Elementary
Leverette Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Marshall Elementary
Martin Luther King Jr. Academy
McKinley Elementary
McTigue Elementary
Navarre Elementary
Oakdale Elementary
Old Orchard Elementary
Ottawa River Elementary
Pickett Academy
Raymer Elementary
Reynolds Elementary
Riverside Elementary
Robinson Elementary
Rosa Parks Elementary
Sherman Elementary
Spring Elementary
Walbridge Elementary
Whittier Elementary