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  • Existing Conditions

  • Public Engagement

  • Draft Recommendations


  • Draft Plan

  • Letter of Endorsements

sp/su 2023

  • Plan Adoption

fa/wi 2023

  • Begin Implementation

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About the Plan

Lucas County is creating an Active Transportation Plan to improve the County's streets and trails for people walking and biking.

Active transportation means walking, riding a bicycle, or other human-powered transportation mode to get to work, school, the store, or other destinations. 

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The Plan

Want to learn more about the Lucas County Active Transportation Plan? Take a look at the Plan to learn more about the benefits of Active Transportation, the public engagement process, and the proposed projects and programs. Don't have time to read through the entire plan? Luckily the Executive Summary is a short read and provides an overview of the full plan.

Provide us with your Feedback

Thank you for your interest in active transportation and Lucas County!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

and PRogress


During 2022 Lucas County, local municipalities, and partner organizations worked to improve active transportation and create safer streets for all users. Key accomplishments include:

  • Numerous municipalities and organizations signed Letters of Endorsements for the Active Transportation Plan

  • Progress on the Toledo Vision Zero Plan, expected to be passed in 2023

  • Completion of the bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Main Street in Toledo

  • Progress on the Chessie Circle Trail

  • Multiple Safe Routes to School projects were completed


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Toledo Ride of Silence

May IS bike month!

More information on upcoming events soon!

Here are some resources to help you continue cycling:

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