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Spring 2021

  • Existing Conditions

  • Online Engagement

Summer 2021

  • Public Engagement

Fall 2021

  • Draft Recommendations

  • Public Engagement

Winter 2021/2

  • Draft Plan for review

  • Plan Adoption

Get Involved

About the Plan

Lucas County is creating an Active Transportation Plan to improve the County's streets and trails for people walking and biking.

Active transportation means walking, riding a bicycle, or other human-powered transportation mode to get to work, school, the store, or other destinations. 

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Provide your input!

We need to hear from you! Where are the places where walking and biking are difficult? What should be improved?

Visit the survey and online map and tell us what you think!

This is just one way you can get involved with the development of the Active Transportation Plan. Your input through the survey or map or at other engagement opportunities during Fall and Summer 2021 will help ensure the Plan represents the future of walking and bicycling in Lucas County.


May is bike month!

We may still be social distancing this May, but there are lots of ways to celebrate the joy of bicycling throughout the month!